At LOFT Flower House, our commitment to exceptional delivery service extends beyond mere convenience – we strive to make the experience as seamless and delightful as the blossoms we deliver. Proudly serving not just Malaga but the entirety of the stunning Costa del Sol, our emphasis on same-day delivery ensures that your heartfelt gestures reach their destination promptly and with precision.

Picture this: you decide to brighten someone’s day or celebrate a special occasion, and with LOFT Flower House, your blooms are not just a click away; they are also at your recipient’s doorstep on the very same day. Our same-day delivery service is a testament to our dedication to ensuring that your sentiments are expressed exactly when you want them to be.

In the picturesque landscapes of Malaga and throughout the breathtaking Costa del Sol, LOFT Flower House guarantees that the magic of our blooms is accessible to everyone. Whether you find yourself in bustling urban centers or tranquil coastal retreats, our fast and reliable delivery network ensures that the beauty of our flowers transcends geographical boundaries, reaching every corner of this enchanting region.

Our signature aqua boxes and branded packaging not only showcase the elegance of our blooms but also play a crucial role in preserving their freshness during transit. We understand that the beauty of flowers lies not only in their visual appeal but also in the vitality they bring to any space. Our meticulous packaging ensures that your flowers arrive as vibrant and stunning as when they left our studio.

Our delivery cost is based on Postal Codes and their average distance from our location, as follows:

Delivery ZonePostal Code(s)Price
Zone 129001, 29002, 29005, 29008, 29009, 29010, 29011, 29012, 29013, 29014, 29015, 29016€5
Zone 2
29003, 29004, 29006, 29007, 29010, 29018, 29190
Zone 3
29017, 29140, 29196, 29197
Zone 429130, 29196, 29590, 29591, 29620, 29630, 29631, 29639€20
Zone 5
29120, 29570, 29580, 29640, 29649, 29650, 29651, 29700, 29718, 29719, 29792
Zone 629100, 29110, 29602, 29603, 29604, 29610, 29611, 29660, 29670, 29678€50

Whether you’re making a grand gesture or surprising someone with a small token of appreciation, the prompt and reliable delivery service from LOFT Flower House ensures that your flowers are not just a gift but an experience. Trust us to bring the enchantment of our exquisite blooms to every doorstep in Malaga and across the expansive beauty of Costa del Sol. Your sentiments deserve to be delivered promptly, and with LOFT Flower House, they are guaranteed to be expressed with the swiftness and care they deserve.